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CeeDing Circular Growth in Scotland

By Lauren Zoryk, Business Development Manager, CeeD

With COP26 coming to Glasgow in November 2021, climate change should be at the top of everyone’s agenda right now. Other than Covid, the Circular Economy is probably the most widely-used term in Scotland this year – and it is certainly a key strategic theme for CeeD in 2021.

But what do we mean by ‘circular economy’ and, more importantly, how can CeeD as an engineering, manufacturing and technology/innovation focused organisation, support this agenda?

What do we mean by Circular Economy?

The generally accepted ‘circle’ refers to the 3Rs – ‘Reduce | Reuse | Recycle’ which contrasts with the more traditional ‘Take | Make | Waste’ linear cycle.

  • Use of resources is minimised for the product, packaging, and/or supply chain steps, wherever possible. This takes thoughtful product design, innovative use of material and improved manufacturing methods – ideally utilising renewable energy sources (reduce).
  • Parts/products are designed and manufactured with the express aim of reusing, repairing and remanufacturing for the same use or for a higher economic use (reuse/upcycling).
  • As a last resort, where products cannot be reused, the raw materials are extracted and used again usually for a lower grade application (recycling).

How can CeeD help?

In order to create, and sustain, a successful circular economy, there needs to be cross-sectoral trust and collaboration - a strong focus on engineering, design and manufacture methodology as well as a mapping and audit of the supply chain – and encouragement to ‘use local’.

CeeD was set up 15 years ago to do just that for engineering and manufacturing companies across Scotland – with a common aspiration across our network to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness by pooling our collective expertise, resources and knowledge to solve specific operational challenges and improve general operational performance.

How do we do this?

Through our showcasing of best practice and peer-to-peer learning, we encourage constant process, application and facilities improvement.

Our Educational programmes provide a foundation for developing skills and leadership whilst engagement with exciting joint projects - such as the Advancing Manufacturing Cluster Builder and associated Advancing Manufacturing projects, and Waste Mapping (with Topolytics and Innovate UK) - continue to push the boundaries and explore new ways of producing products and utilising by-products.

Furthermore, through our involvement with wider industry and Government stakeholder workstreams on key themes such as sustainability and circular economy, we provide members with a centre-point from which they can connect across and benefit from.

Networking and a strong sense of community creates and identifies opportunities for collaboration, as well as helping to ‘join up’ the local supply chain.

We have a number of events lined up which address the circular economy and resource efficiency. Join us to learn more and discuss these themes in more detail:

We will have more exciting events to follow. Watch this space for more information.

Get Involved

If you feel you have a circular story to tell – or a circular challenge that you are wrestling with, please get in touch with Lauren Zoryk.