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Why Join CeeD

You should consider joining CeeD if you believe...

  • that smart and innovative problem solving will help your business prosper
  • that you can learn from other companies' experience and know-how
  • in the development of your people
  • that investing time in relationships could help your business to succeed
  • you'd like to tap into a unique network of your peer group who want to help your business succeed, not sell to you


The real benefit of CeeD membership can only be fully enjoyed through active participation.

Uniquely, CeeD brings a focus to the coal face issues that your business operations face on a daily basis. Until we know and understand those issues, we can't find you the appropriate help.

CeeD doesn't have an agenda except for improving aspects of your business operation – we're not a lobby organisation, we don't distribute high-level generic advice and we don't provide a 'programme' of events that may or may not interest you.

Everything we do is driven by what our member companies specifically need to improve.

So engagement is key - engagement with other companies in the community and with the CeeD office.

Once engaged however, CeeD membership offers...

  • A focus on your issues
  • The opportunity to collaborate with other companies (large and small) on common challenges in 'Clinics'
  • 'Unique to CeeD' access to companies, giving you the chance to see and learn how it’s done elsewhere
  • Benchmarking
  • Professional Development for your junior and middle management through engaging with peer groups, contributing your company's viewpoint, collaborating to solve other company's issues that can open paths to solving your own
  • Cross-company training
  • Sharing of best practice
  • High-level networking with experienced operations people who want to help you succeed, not sell to you
  • Access to Workshop meeting minutes and presentation materials
  • Access to the Members' online forum
  • Your company's logo and profile (including a link back to your website) on CeeD's website