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Have you ever wondered why some companies grow more quickly than others...

As it turns out, there are many different ways in which SMEs have made the transition from survival, through stability to higher growth.

  • so how did they do it?
  • and just what are the key drivers of SME business growth? [The same can apply to Multinationals]

We’ve packaged that knowledge up and are ready to share it with you and your business... this is part of the CeeD offering; CeeDucation

Growth500 is aimed at SME owners who not are content with what they’ve built thus far. If you have the continuing ambition, drive and commitment to grow your company, then the programme will meet your - and your company’s - needs. We have also seen strong benefits for the rising talent in larger companies coming onto the programme

So, how to get involved? Growth500 sits alongside our existing Workshop programme to which all participants will have full access. We have also created a cut-down digital delivery version Growth5.0 born out of the Covid19 lockdown – but through a pilot phase this may be an additional offering or part of a blended mix going forward.

But the offering does not stop there - for the senior leaders in our community we have created a suite of high quality sessions under our Executive Leadership Programme – Leading from the Front. This is a practical and focussed programme where the emphasis and learning experiences are as much about the audience sharing their experience alongside the quality content from our delivery partners.

CeeD recognises our core values of learning together and developing those skills through your working life sharing best practice – CrowdLEARNING all part of the CeeDucation offering!

Growth 5.0

Borne out of the need to deliver a slimmed-down version of our G500 programme, CeeD's digital programme consists of web-meetings, online training and resources for Growth500 progression.



A training programme for our members' employees to teach every aspect of business to ensure transition from survival, through stability to higher growth. Delivered by our members and partners...


Executive Leadership

Recognising there is a critical need to grow top talent in the Scottish Engineering sector (in it’s broadest definition). CeeD is firmly committed to the priorities of sustainability and long-term innovative growth of the sector, increasing sector collaboration.