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Funded by UKRI, ESN is focused to create a framework related to electrification skills.

This recent article in The Manufacturer resonates well with CeeD and is definitely worth a read.

Do hierarchical or network-orientated models have the greatest impact? And how will the recent election result impact on this?

The date is now set - 6 March 2025.

A recent copy of CeeD's newsletter, 'Forward Thinking'.

Mabbett acquires CRESTWOOD ENVIRONMENTAL which is set to drive regional and sectoral growth.

Opportunity to become part of a proactive group at the centre of the apprenticeship governance system and help support employers – including your organisation and sector - to ensure the system is agile and responsive to employer needs.

Stats show that apprenticeships are supporting more young people from diverse backgrounds to access opportunities.

by Gordon Sayers, CEO, SoConnect Ltd.

Networking visit at University of Glasgow's new Advanced Research Centre (ARC).