CeeD – where ‘know how’ meets ‘can do’


CeeD is a not for profit organisation. Its ethos is one of companies helping other companies to get better at what they do through sharing and collaborating, not transacting. Were it not for the inevitable overheads associated with running any organisation, membership would be at zero cost - however, the real world dictates otherwise. The membership levels are set deliberately low for two key reasons.

  1. Finance should never be a barrier to entry, no matter the size of company.
  2. The more companies encouraged to become part of the CeeD community, the greater becomes the pool of knowledge and experience available to all members.

There are 3 membership opportunities available: Member , Sponsoring Member and a limited Joint Membership with CeeD and Quality Scotland.


A CeeD Member is typically (although not exclusively) an SME, the owners of which are keen not only to grow the revenue figure but also have ambitions to improve the profit figure too. Collaborating with other CeeD members has proven to be a shortcut to this latter aspiration in particular. A CeeD Member contributes £1400 per year, payable in one instalment.

Sponsoring Member

A 'Sponsoring Member' is typically (although not exclusively) a larger company which (in addition to the company specific benefits enjoyed at any other level of membership) recognise that Corporate Social Responsibility and corporate profile, Continuous Professional Development, community and public relations all play an increasing role in business today.

Sponsoring Members recognise that helping other companies to develop and grow will ultimately strengthen their own supply chains, provide an opportunity to develop junior/middle management and create additional wealth and jobs in the local economy. A Sponsoring Member contributes £3450 per year, payable in one instalment.

New Joint CeeD/Quality Scotland Member

This membership is aimed at SMEs new to both organisations seeking out the benefits of growing revenue improving productivity and networking through collaborating with other CeeD members but also focused on improving quality and business improvement through the Quality Scotland programme. The cost of this joint membership is £1900 + VAT. For more details view the page on Kickstart