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Have you ever wondered why some companies grow more quickly than others...

...and why the failure rate of start up businesses is so high?"

So did we.

As it turns out, there are many different ways in which SMEs have made the transition from survival, through stability to higher growth.

  • so how did they do it?
  • and just what are the key drivers of SME business growth?

We’ve packaged that knowledge up and are ready to share it with you and your business.

Plugging in

Growth500 won’t be for everyone – that’s understood. Many SME owners are content with what they’ve built thus far. If however, that’s not you and you have the continuing ambition, drive and commitment to grow your company, then the programme will meet your - and your company’s - needs.

So, how to get involved? Growth500 sits alongside our existing Workshop programme to which all participants will have full access. As such, companies which meet CeeD’s normal membership criteria will be eligible to join Growth500. Typically, those are companies drawn from the manufacturing, engineering, science and technology sectors however companies from outside of those sectors will also be considered on business merit and / or the recommendation of CeeD’s partner organisations.

So what is CeeD?

We’re a not for profit fusion of industry and academia, the member companies of which are dedicated to the free sharing of knowledge, information and know how to improve the operational performance of our companies. We work together several times a year on topics such as Project Management, Health and Safety, Procurement, Quality, Environment, Leadership, Training, Lean Manufacturing, Process Excellence, Marketing, Performance Management - and now Growth.

Maximising value

CeeD member companies contribute £1300 per annum towards operating costs and all Workshops (including Growth500) are open to all employees of member companies. That’s every one of your staff able to attend any or all occurrences of the 12 Workshops plus Growth500 for less than the average household energy bill. It really is astonishing value and one of the easiest business decisions you’ll make all year.

On the journey, we’ll explore topics like Marketing and Sales, Leadership, Strategic Planning, People, Social Media, Innovation, Finance, Operational Excellence, Customer Experience, Value Proposition Design and Business Model Generation, demonstrating the essential ‘need to know’ for survival, the ‘know to grow’ for stability and the ‘grow to glow’ for success.

See the company you’ll be keeping at http://ceed-scotland.com/member-organisations, contact us on 01698 203 420 or register your interest