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CeeD Workshops


Every day we hear of rising costs of energy and every business is impacted by these rising costs.


This workshop brings together member companies to share their knowledge on all matters of the environment.


In conjunction with UWS Business School, we've engineered a growth programme designed for SMEs.

Health & Safety

Workshop which focuses on recent health and safety legislation and how it will affect your business.

Inter-Company Training

Working with academia, training partners and member companies, to provide inter-company training.


How to get the most out of your employees by implementing effective leadership strategies.

Lean Manufacturing 5s

Lean manufacturing essentially allows your business to achieve more with less resources.


CeeD's objective is to help companies become more successful. Marketing has a key role to play in this success.

Performance Management

This workshop details the journey from Performance Measurement to Performance Management.

Process Excellence

While lean management seeks to eliminate waste, six sigma is applied to eliminate variance.

Procurement & Supply Chain

The workshop sets out to examine the ”end to end” process of Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

Project Management

This workshop tackles strategic issues from stakeholder management, complexity / competency models, project scope...

Aerospace & Defence

This workshop covers a diverse range of topics under the Aerospace & Defence market sector, including approvals, supply chain, collaboration, innovation and technology.


A range of tools have been developed to enable businesses to evaluate the use of innovation in their business.

Planned Maintenance

How do we better utilise our assets, ensuring maximum productive uptime and availability, whilst remaining within cost controls

Business Systems

How do we better utilise company information and assets? How can we make our data multi-task? This workshop sets out to develop our understanding of the potential of integration of business systems.

Sales Performance

How do we measure the effectiveness of our sales processes and performance? Do we micro manage with KPI’s that may not be the most effective at supporting a path to successful sales outcomes?

Quality Systems & Engineering

Proposed Future Workshop - TBA

Design Engineering

Design can be key to our competitive advantage, our brand recognition and our product performance. This workshop sets out to share best practice in the methodologies, tools and lessons learned within the design area.

Research & Development

Proposed Future Workshop - TBA

Exporting & Trade Compliance

How do we make sure that we move our goods and services whilst keeping up to date with all legislation, restrictions, and compliance requirements?

Human Resources

People are often put forward as the most important part of our businesses, but how do we ensure that we have engaged and motivated people in our teams? What happens when things go wrong?


Do we set time to develop and review the Strategic Planning process that we use? How do we share our plans with stakeholders? How do we tactically adapt our plans?