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We'd like your feedback on behalf of Mask Logic


As CeeD member, Mask Logic, is trying to establish whether there is a market for a respirator (face mask) product customised to individuals’ facial anatomy (see more below), they are keen hear your views - regardless of whether or not you feel there is a current opportunity for your organisation to adopt (or be aware of) this product.

Please note that this is not a sales exercise.  

Mask Logic Ltd (a spin-out from Edinburgh University), have developed techniques to produce fitted, comfortable and reusable respirators (face masks) which are customised to an individual’s facial anatomy.  Mask Logic have commissioned a short market feedback exercise, and would very much appreciate the views of relevant businesses on this subject area.

Mask Logic’s customisation assures that the respirators are comfortable, as well as being functionally effective. The company’s respirator design for each individual is created by uploading multiple smartphone images onto a cloud platform and using 3D printing.  (The image creation stage uses software techniques such as stereophotogrammetry.)

The business would really appreciate your views on Mask Logic’s respirator technology and its market potential. If you’re happy to have a conversation with their market researchers - please drop a reply to peter.dunsmuir@sysinsight.co.uk

Or, contact a member of the CeeD team.

Many thanks for your help – the team at Mask Logic look forward to speaking with you.