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Innovation Integrator, ‘Behind the Scenes’ series.

One of the main offerings through the SCOUT project is the Innovation Integrator process. 

There are 12 factors that make up the Innovation Integrator process, which are explained through their series of 6 short videos, called ‘Behind the Scenes’. In each episode, their experts put a bit a flesh onto the bones of two factors. 

You can catch up on each episode here: 

For an overview of the whole process, watch SCOUT's short introductory video here.

SCOUT is part of the Advancing Manufacturing Cluster Builder programme which helps Scottish SMEs access the Advancing Manufacturing Challenge Fund (AMCF) projects whose aim is to have a significant impact on advancing the manufacturing capabilities of SMEs within Scotland, leading to long-term transformational change.

CeeD was appointed in April 2020 to manage the Advancing Manufacturing Cluster Builder programme, on behalf of Scottish Government and Highlands & Islands Enterprise. This programme provides free support, advice and consultancy services and access to high spec. manufacturing equipment through the AMCF projects and NMIS, as well as enabling collaborations with industry and access to other economic development agencies. 

The Advancing Manufacturing Cluster Builder is part-funded by the 2014–2020 European Regional Development Fund.