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Zudu is an award-winning, industry-leading, software development agency based in London and Dundee. Our specialist team create digital experiences, develop successful products, and provide digital transformation consultancy across all platforms and technologies.

Our passion lies in our desire to build successful digital products, from mobile apps, to web apps and websites. When we start the process of working with you, we don’t just dive in – we take the time to understand what success means to you so we can fully understand your vision and drive.

We also build from scratch – creating fully bespoke products that can be tailored to work for your business rather than forcing you to create new processes around your tech! We don’t use templates, we don’t rehash old mobile UIs to build products, and we don’t create the same thing twice! Why? Because that won’t make you stand out in a crowded market.

Your success is a prerequisite of ours – that’s why we build products and strategies that make people stop and take notice; that deliver measurable results; and that demonstrate the art of the possible.

We work with a range of technologies, coding languages and frameworks, including but not limited to ReactJS, NodeJS, Flutter, Kotlin, Swift, and Vue. As well as a range of databases and hosting services such as MongoDB, Firebase, DynamoDB, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Heroku, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Our experienced team also work closely with third parties to create APIs and integrate commonly used tools and connected technologies into the products we create to make the user journey more familiar to your customers, these include Google products such as Google Maps, payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Apple / Google Pay, and IoT connectivity. We can work across a range of content management systems including WordPress, Shopify, Symfony, and Drupal; or we can design an all-new, bespoke-built content management system for your project that will give you further capabilities to manage content, add users, see and export reports, and lots more based on your project goals - allowing you to expand on the project as your business grows.

Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of working with a range of companies across many different sectors around the world - this has given us first-hand experience of the consumer and business trends in different countries which have helped us continuously improve the quality and accessibility of the products we build to ensure they can be used by people with a range of abilities and expectations.

Contact our team on 01382 690080 or via email at .”.