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Augmentum360 Ltd

Augmentum360 is a consulting company that is helping SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) in Scotland improve and grow. One of the key services we offer is preparing and supporting small companies that are changing their business planning systems and, in specific cases, introducing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Augmentum360 will assess your company to gauge how ready you are to embark on ERP. We will then work with your management team to ensure your readiness to take ERP on board, and make the introduction and implementation of ERP as seamless as possible, with minimum disruption.

Studies have shown that only very few companies realise the full potential of the ERP system. In many cases, the main reason for this is lack of preparation by and support provided to the management team during the implementation phase. Augmentum360 will help your company improve their chances of having a successful ERP experience.

The Augmentum360 team has over 100 years of cumulative experience in the fields of Business Improvement, Change Management, Staff Selection and Development, Root Cause Analysis, Project Management, Leadership Development and Systematic Problem Solving. That makes us the ideal partner to support your company during this critical period of rapid change.