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Abertay University - Dundee Business School

The Dundee Business School (DBS) is a people orientated institution, which puts person to person contact at the centre of its culture, while at the same time utilising modern technology to improve communications, learning and the development of new methods and approaches to business. Our strategic priorities are currently change-making and internationalization: the acceptance, facilitating and embracing of change for the net benefit of all its stakeholders; and the pursuit of such change through a continuous process of internationalization, creating a cosmopolitan, diverse culture that is inspired by positive forces for change in the global economy.

The Dundee Business School (DBS) aims to reach out to all its stakeholders: students, businesses, scholars, researchers, teachers, investors, consultants, government, and more broadly the private, public and third sectors. Our core activities are the provision of teaching and learning in business education, in the widest sense, and the advancement of business understanding and practice by research and innovation. In joining the DBS one is becoming part of our tradition of over a century and a quarter of business teaching, learning and research that goes back to our roots as a so-called ‘industrial university’ founded in 1888.
es today need to be business-minded and entrepreneurial, and they should be able to be both inspiring leaders and effective team players. Our programmes will help you to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to be effective in these settings. For example, we encourage students from across the university to share DBS activities, such as the international IBM Business Challenge, business competitions, and master classes on enterprise. Our Innovation and Global Growth week is a highlight in the calendar as DBS students and business partners meet to work on real life business challenges.
Our compact size and our location in the beautiful founders building of Old College, complete with modern facilities, make us an exciting hub for cross-disciplinary knowledge sharing, research and student engagement with business, at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
The strategic direction of the DBS is determined by an executive group, which is currently focussing on the twin goals of change-making and internationalization. This group is led by the Head of School, and its members include leaders of divisions, academic programmes and research activities.

At DBS we place your positive aspirations at the centre of our mission, and we aim to work tirelessly to facilitate your fulfilling them.

We wish you well in your journey with us - and beyond.

Gavin C Reid

Professor of Business Management and Strategy & Head of School DBS