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210114 Bootcamp for Start-ups - REVISED START DATE - 4th FEB

Brand New Programme for Start-up companies: NEW START DATE - 4th FEB
January 14th, 2021 10:00 AM   through   11:00 AM
United Kingdom

In partnership with one our delivery partners, Tullibardine Consulting, we are delighted to launch this new Bootcamp series for Start-ups - a short series of workshops to help smaller companies engage with larger companies in the manufacturing sector.

The first session is entitled 'From Target Identification to a Customer'. Please note that this programme will now commence on 4th February 2021. REGISTER here.

Programme Outline

  • Choosing targets for the sales funnel - volume/spend, strategic fit, sector, tracking etc
  • Refining targets in the sales funnel - contract expiration, fit with roadmap, etc
  • Closing targets in the sales funnel - timetable, contracts, commercials, trials, systems...
  • Supporting customers post closing - onboarding, tech support, communication..
  • Growing customers post - demand management, teambuilding, reverse bow-tie.

The next sessions will run on the following dates:

  • 18 Feb - Forecasting wins and monthly revenues
  • 4 Mar - Market Segmentation - how will that help my company? 
  • 18 Mar - Selling Internationally
  • Session #5 - TBC

About Tullibardine Consulting

This new prpogramme will be delivered in partnership with Lance Pearson of Tullibardine Consulting.

Lance is a senior business development executive with significant international knowledge of selling engineering-led high volume, high quality & technically demanding products in multiple sectors to ensure sustainable  growth. He is also experienced in major contract negotiation, strategic partnering initiatives, market segmentation, supply chain optimisation, change management and business turnarounds. Lance is an Influential leader with a strong business network globally, including  5 years of working in Silicon Valley California.