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Strathclyde Institute for Operations Management Showcase

University of Strathclyde
University of Strathclyde
Thursday, October 13, 2016 - 12:30 to 17:00
Strathclyde Institute for Operations Management are pleased to invite you to an inspiring thought leadership event at the Technology and Innovation Centre on the 13th of October 2016.
SIOM aims to bring together industry, policy makers, intermediaries and academia to create opportunities for learning, knowledge exchange and progressive thinking in all aspects of Operations Management.
This event will focus on enhancing our Operations Management capability, learning from the   Manufacturing sector, using specific examples and case studies that demonstrate high productivity focused on high value and optimum cost business models. 
The event will be organised around three themes, each an integral component of high-value manufacturing: Productivity, Sustainable business models and Leadership. We have some insightful and exciting workshops, two keynote speakers and, excellent opportunities to network. 
Interactive Workshops
• Productivity through entrepreneurship  - Strathclyde’s Professor Jonathan Levie will introduce a diagnostic that you can use to assess the entrepreneurial intensity of your organisation and what you should focus on to make the most of your workforce’s entrepreneurial talents.
• Sustainable business models - Scottish Institute for Remanufacture and Juice will facilitate a workshop designed to help you consider how you could increase the value of your offering by adapting your business model.
• Operations Management for Industry 4.0 - Scottish Enterprise and an academic team will facilitate discussion around the importance of Operation’s Management for factories of the future.
Keynote speakers
Ken Scott, Engineering Director, Alexander Dennis Limited    
Ken Scott took over as Engineering Director at Alexander Dennis in 2013. Over recent years, as UK productivity has been in decline, the automotive sector has bucked this general trend experiencing significant levels of growth. Alexander Dennis are a great example of delivering high-value, supported through innovation, investment and business excellence. Ken builds on his experience as Director of whole vehicle Engineering at Bentley to ensure there is a focus on high levels of customer service, innovative products tailored to customer requirements and outstanding quality at Alexander Dennis. Ken will provide a valuable insight into how Alexander Dennis achieves high levels of growth and productivity.  
Simon Cotton, CEO, Johnstons of Elgin 
Simon Cotton took over the reins at 219 year old, luxury textile manufacturer Johnstons of Elgin three years ago.  In an industry plagued by closure headlines for decades, Johnstons has built an extremely successful business by working with some of the world’s top luxury brands and producing some of the world’s finest luxury apparel products.  The company now employs over one thousand people and has a reputation around the world for innovation and quality.  Johnstons of Elgin has put the development of its people and transformation of management culture right at the core of its strategy. Simon will be talking about the practical ways in which they ensure that they have the kind of leadership required to develop a strong culture of excellence and innovation.


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