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An evening with Neil Rackham

Edinburgh Napier University
Edinburgh Napier Business School
Thursday, September 15, 2016 - 17:30 to 19:00

Most sales methods have been developed in the US with US customers in mind. In the UK, we are different and sale methods practiced over there do not translate that easily over here.

Neil Rackham's premise in SPIN Selling was that the most successful sellers are seen by their customers as consultants or problem solvers who are working in the customers' best interest. Neil's multi-year research project found that greater success could be achieved by focusing on a pattern of questions (situation, problem, implication and need-payoff) that became wildly known as SPIN and not simply an approach that focused only upon telling the buyer.customer what was best for them.

Neil rarely speaks in the UK on this topic - so don't miss the opportunity to hear directly from how on how this approach can work for you and deliver more sales success.

Neil recently took up the role as Visiting Professor in "Strategic Selling" at Edinburgh Napier University. Importantly, there will be some time at the end of the evening to ask questions, speak to Neil and network.

Proceeds from this event will go directly towards impact research sales projects here in Scotland.

  • Who should attend? Anyone passionate about selling and sales - salespeople, marketers, business owners and students of sales, marketing and business.
  • Numbers: This event will be restricted to 100 participants
  • Cost: £25 + VAT (includes teas and coffees)
  • For more information contact: Dr Tony Douglas (t.douglas@napier.ac.uk)