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Equate Scotland Survey

Equate Scotland
Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 11:00 to Sunday, May 17, 2015 - 11:00

Women in Engineering - Equate Scotland

Equate Scotland and Semta are working in partnership delivering a three year project to support women in engineering.  As part of our extensive joint activity we are conducting a survey with a wide range of engineering and advanced manufacturing employers to provide the project with information on what the workforce in the sector currently looks like in terms of gender, age and part-time workers.  We are also keen to find out a range of related information, such as strategies you might have adopted to tackle skills gaps, whether or not you have certain policies in place to encourage staff retention and also whether or not you have specifically targeted women when recruiting staff.  The information we gather from the survey will tell us more about some of the barriers employers face in employing women in engineering and technical roles and what can be done to help you overcome them.

We appreciate and understand that not every company will collect the data necessary to answer all of the questions in the survey.  However, it is important that the individual answering the survey has access to as much workforce data as possible, so that they will be able to provide as much detail as possible in their return.  Should you be unable to access this particular data, we would be very grateful if you could forward this request to the most appropriate person in your organisation.

Please note, you can go back to the previous pages in the survey and update existing responses at any point after you have first started the survey, just re-paste the original link in your browser.  The survey can be accessed by clicking on this link

All information gained as part of this survey will be confidential to Semta and Equate Scotland and will be used for the purposes of this project only. 

Thank you for your support and participation in this survey.  Should you have any queries regarding the survey then please contact Robert Bruce, Semta Sector Development Specialist, by e-mail at robert.bruce@semta.org.uk