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Engaging your people through change and continuous improvement

Scottish Enterprise
University of the West of Scotland, Room G745, Ayr Campus, Ayr, KA8 0SX
Friday, October 31, 2014 - 08:30 to 11:00

Learn more about the concept of 'lean' at this breakfast event - from examples of 'lean' excellence to applications of the change model, the role of leaders in the change process and the significance of process confirmation.

The rate of change in business is slower and less desired than it should be.  Often, any process changes achieved are a short-term solution which lack full support - leading to a migration back to previous practices.

Through a demonstration of the change process, you'll discover how best to achieve sustainable change.  This is a fantastic opportunity to find out how you and your workforce can work together in the best interests of the business.

Sign up for this event and you'll gain:

  • A discussion of the role of the Lean Learning Academy (LLA) from Gavin Whyte and SMAS team
  • An understanding of the role of the Ayrshire Engineering Alliance
  • The opportunity to integrate Continuous Improvement looks and behaviours, demonstrating learning on specific improvement projects with SMAS support.

Who should attend?

Those with people management responsibilities who are keen to secure a higher level of ownership and management from their staff, whilst understanding and better appreciating their own roles in the change process.

The event has been timed to ensure you are back in your workplace by lunchtime, starting at 8.30am with breakfast rolls, fruit and refreshments and finishing at 11pm with plenty of opportunity to network.