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Ceridian Conference: Technology Transforms

Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London
Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - 09:30 to 20:00


09.30 - 10.00

Opening Company address: David Ossip, CEO, Ceridian Corporation & Doug Sawers, Managing Director, Ceridian UK & Ireland

10.00 - 10.40

Keynote: Kate Russell 'Trusting Transformation'

Technology is woven into the fabric of modern life, disrupting centuries old working practices in almost every industry.  For some, this means innovation and improvement, but for others the rate of change is something to be feared.  Kate Russell talks about the good, the bad and the ugly of technology transformation and explores the reasons why we should all be embracing change.

Kate Russell is author and reporter best known for her work technology programme BBC Click.

10.40 - 11.25

'Technology Transforms our world' - Panel discussion chaired by Kate Russell

Technology is radically changing the ways we work.  Hear from HR business leaders who have faced these challenges head on and from a serial entrepreneur who embraces transformative technology as his day job

The Rt.Hon Steve Webb MP, Minster of State for Pensions
Tanith Dodge, Director of HR, M&S
Andy Doyle, Chief Human Resources Officer, World Pay
Dan Harrington, Publishing Director, Mark Allen Group (HR Magazine)
Jamie True, Founder & CEO, Work Angel

11.25 - 12.00

Refreshments & Networking

12.00 - 12.45

Transforming Payroll Transforming HR Transforming Thinking Going Global
Transformation Payroll Technology



How HR can drive business performance - sharing good practice and avoiding the pitfalls Award winning global Workforce Management can save you money

Join Mel who will provide an update from Cerdian as to the progress of active technology and how it is transforming payrolls for customers and when you too can enjoy the benefits in 2015.


Some of our early adopter customers will join Melissa to discuss how could based payroll is transforming their ways of work.

How mobilised are you?  Find out how Ceridian are now offering you truly innovative mobile social technology for free!  Supporting internal communications, social recognition and employee voluntary benefits all in one place with immediate results

The role of the HR leader in modern business is a complex one., constantly juggling between strategic objectives and tactical interventions.  What to prioritise, where to invest and what is truly value adding and aligned to the business strategy are just some of the challenges faced.


Join this session to hear ways in which HR can maximise the value it delivers to the organisation, avoid some of the mistakes others are making and how technology and analytics are being used in BT to drive performance.

Businesses with complex workforce planning requirements will be excited to hear that our award winning Dayforce WFM cloud platform is being offered globally.


See the power of Dayforce first hand, a live demonstration will show how complex automated scheduling can be managed with ease.  Learn why leading organisations in retail and hospitality have already chosen this game changing platform to save more money.

Melissa Goddard, Product Director, Cloud Solutions, Ceridian UK & Ireland Jamie True, Work Angel & David Woodward, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Ceridian & UK Tom Howie, Director - Programme Portfolio, BT and Richard Hargreaves, Commercian Director, Corporate Research Forum Simon Hudson, Head of Workforce Management, Ceridian UK & Ireland

12.45 - 13.45

Lunch & Networking

13.45 - 14.10

Customer Awards

14.10 - 14.50

Transforming Payroll Transforming HR Transformative Thinking Going Global
Payroll Rocks Partnership at Work Coaching - Business Essential of Management Fad? Global Payroll Transformed

Come and learn how your payroll is getting more powerful, we have put Payroll on steroids! See how this new 'pumped-up' payroll solution can be yours once you are on Active Technology


Also hear from our very own Simon Parsons for an update on the latest legislation changes and how Ceridian's Payroll Platform will assist you with these new and ever increasing demands.  Specific focus will be given on how Ceridian can support you to solve Holiday Pay calculations.

Hear how Unum partnered with Ceridian to strengthen their market leading Group Income Protection offer and disrupt the Employee Assistance Programme market with Ceridian's LifeWorks product. The use of coaching is increasing and, as a methodology, it is here to stay.  However, through our research, we identified ways in which organisations should be more thoughtful and considered as to its implementation.  Join this session to understand the good practice associated with designing, implementing and evaluating the use of coaching

Global Payroll Management has never been as high profile with compliance, legislation and control being so crucial.


Ceridian are thrilled to showcase the massive advances in could based technology that provides one consolidated view of your global payroll in ways never before possible.

Rick Norgate, Director of HR Solutions, Ceridian UK & Ireland &

Simon Parsons, Director of Payments Benefits & Compliance Strategies, Ceridian UK & Ireland

Marco Forato, Chief Marketing Officer, Unum Gillian Pillans, Research Director, Corporate Research Forum Aaron Hurst, Vice President Global Solutions, Ceridian Corporation


14.50 - 15.25

Refreshments & Networking

15.25 - 16.10

He insists on returning! HR in the cloud just got easy Employee Engagement: What is it? Are you measuring what matters?  How will it evolve into the future? The road to global Human Capital Management 
Come and listen to Phil Nilson talk about the planned changes in payroll legislation and other topical issues.  Straight from the man who is HMRC's horse's mouth!

Come and see our latest version of HRevolution running in the cloud.  Hear how we've made it easier and quicker than ever to start-up and use.  Hear how your return on Investment is now so much easier to achieve while improving management and user adoption.


Leading capabilities such as analytics, mobile and talent management functionality will be shown during this live demonstration.

The term 'employee engagement' first gained currency over 20 years ago and is now widely regarded as a business priority.  However, the digital age is forcing organisations to re-think most aspects of how they operate - including how the manage and measure relationships and performance, especially given tthe generational differences seen in most organisations. 


This session will expose what works, what needs more work and how it will need to adapty in the future as the pace of digital change increases.

See Ceridian's North American award winning HCM cloud platform and hear about our exciting plans to extend this platform for global businesses.


See a demonstration from Ceridian's Chief Executive who will provide a whirl wind tour of Dayforce HCM and the impressive global roadmap plans for the corporations cloud platform.

Phil Nilson, Stakeholder Engagement & Communications Team, HMRC Rick Norgate, Director of HR Solutions, Ceridian UK & Ireland Mike Haffenden, Founder & Director, Corporate Research Forum David Ossip, CEO, Ceridan Corporation

16.15 - 16.30

Closing Remarks

16.30 - 20.00

Post-conference drinks and 50th celebrations