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Transitioning to Net Zero - Event Series


Net Zero is not just about doing the right thing. It’s about the survival of your business.

CeeD has partnered with Net Zero Nation Ltd and Booth Welsh to run a series of events across Scotland in September 2022 to help with your transition to Net Zero.

With UK Governmental legislation committing the UK to Net Zero by 2050, large companies are now required to report their carbon emissions, including those of their supply chain. Indeed, public and private sector tenders are increasingly asking businesses to show how they’re cutting emissions - which means if you’re not doing this already, you’re missing out on business opportunities.

Especially when Net Zero can give your business a competitive advantage by opening up new sales opportunities and attracting better talent into your business.

Come along to one of our in-person events to learn:

  • What you need to know about current government legislation and how it is already impacting your business

  • The 5 M’s you need to save money and gain the competitive advantage in the green economy

  • Why it’s important to be able to accurately measure your carbon emissions

  • How you can accelerator your business’ journey to prosperity now

You will also hear more about Net Zero Nation’s 'Net Zero Accelerator' which helps SMEs get started on their net zero journey, as well as from CeeD Sponsoring Member, Booth Welsh, on the implementation of the Company's carbon reduction plan and how developing a planet-positive mindset across the organisation is opening up new business opportunities. 

Event Dates

We are running these events with regional partners/CeeD members, some of which have the option for a tour round their facilities after the event. Confirmed dates are as follows:

Further planned events

  • Date TBC - Edinburgh

  • Date TBC - Dundee