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New employer members urgently sought for Apprenticeship Approvals Group

Skills Development Scotland has is looking for new employer members for the Apprenticeship Approvals Group. 

  • ✓ Do you have technical knowledge of apprenticeships?
  • ✓ Are you interested in the detail of qualifications and the component parts that make an apprenticeship?
  • ✓ Would you like to be part of a process that oversees new and refreshed apprenticeships, bringing them swiftly to market for learners and employers?
  • ✓ Would you like to be part of a proactive group which is at the centre of the apprenticeship governance system and help support employers – including your organisation and sector - to ensure the system is agile and responsive to employer needs?

The Apprenticeship Approvals Group (AAG) needs new employer members to help continue its great work.

The AAG was formed in 2019 as part of the new governance structure for apprenticeships in Scotland. Its creation put employers in the driving seat to make sure that all new or revised apprenticeships could deliver the skills that employers need for jobs.

Membership has changed and evolved over the years, and they are now at the stage where further representation from employers is urgently needed, to ensure that the group retains a strong, industry-led voice.

AAG are reaching out to SAAB members as a collective of people with already-established knowledge in the Scottish Apprenticeship system to appeal for members to transition across.

Being an AAG member offers a fantastic CPD opportunity and will benefit both you and your organisation. You will have the opportunity to play a key role in the delivery programme of apprenticeships, and a front row seat in an evolving strategy to support Scotland’s skills’ ambitions.


Please read this useful information below and get in touch by contacting the SAAB Team.

About AAG

The AAG is group that works as part of the Scottish Apprenticeship Advisory Board Standards and Frameworks group (SAAB SFG) to support the governance structure for Scottish Apprenticeships.

The purpose of AAG is to ensure that apprenticeships meet the needs of employers and provide high quality learning opportunities to individuals.

AAG’s membership strives to reflect the current mix of Scottish businesses, sectors and people.

Find out more about AAG.

What’s involved?

Being an AAG members involves:

  • consistent attendance at monthly AAG meetings
  • preparing for each meeting by reading through papers
  • consulting with your own employer/sector to gauge opinion and feedback on issues and observations at meetings
  • voting on submissions, researching skills requirements and qualifications and carrying out quality assurance checks and measures as a key part of the governance system
  • representing your industry or sector to ensure that apprenticeships provide the skills that employers need

Membership principles

As an AAG member, you will be expected to:

  • have good technical knowledge of apprenticeships, qualifications, and the skills landscape
  • have a strong background in learning and development, leading/ devising apprenticeship programmes, or working with qualifications
  • be focused on quality assurance and detail
  • be a passionate advocate of apprenticeships and work-based learning
  • be a vocal, active participant who is committed to representing their industry, organisation or sectors within a group of highly engaged members
  • show a desire to work in an agile and efficient manner

Time commitment

  • 1st Thursday of every month, 10.00 - 12.00 (with occasional extra meetings during high volume periods)
  • online attendance
  • around 3 hours prep time for each meeting (reading and digesting papers, taking questions and proposals back to your employer/ sectoral network for feed in)
  • active participation to ensure employer/ industry voice is heard
  • approx. 2-year tenure


Q. Will I be able to stay within my current SAAB Group and also take on the role as AAG member?

A. No – the requirements of AAG are such that time constraints would make both roles very difficult to provide full commitment to. We aim to ensure that ‘double membership’ (across more than one group) is kept to a minimum and only where absolutely necessary.

Q. What are the main differences between being a SAAB member and an AAG member?

A. AAG membership is a technical role requiring a greater time commitment than most other SAAB membership roles. AAG membership requires frequent, ongoing participation including voting on submissions, researching skills requirements and qualifications, and providing quality assurance as a key part of the governance system.

Q. If I transition across to AAG, what will happen to the space within the SAAB Group?

A. The vacant space at your respective group will be backfilled by another employer/ industry member.

Q. What if I know a good candidate for AAG – or to backfill the post on the SAAB group if I decide to transition across?

A. We would be keen to hear from you if you have any suggestions of people who could fit the role. All new members will be considered and appointments made at the Chair’s discretion.

Q: Will I receive an induction to AAG and what information will be included?

A: All new AAG members will be provided with: - a comprehensive on-line induction - an introduction and opportunity to meet the AAG Chair - support from fellow AAG members and policy experts during the first three months to support your onboarding.

Still not sure? Need more information? Please reach out to a member of the SAAB Team.