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Manufacturing offers diversity and resilience to an economy when done right (themanufacturer.com)

We read an interesting article in The Manufacturer recently (5 July 2024) which resonates with our recent blog by Joe Pacitti on the subject of how we need to review the model for growth and innovation in the manufacturing sector.

One of the questions Chris Spray Customer, Success Director at LineView, was asked by The Manufacturer in their article was "What steps can industry leaders and stakeholders take to engage with political leaders and advocate for the importance of manufacturing?" Chris Spray responded:

"Policymakers need help in seeing the wood for the trees. Industry leaders must gather compelling data and put forward and tailor their messages to resonate with the priorities of political leaders and their constituents. We need to invite policymakers into our businesses, show them success stories, and help them build the political capital they need to win arguments.

"In industry, we need to develop solutions and propositions that can be enacted at pace, well thought through with an easily understood narrative. National investment is by nature slow to progress but if industry can come together and help smooth these processes then this could accelerate change.

"By informing a national long-term strategy and policy framework, industry can help build consensus and communicate a much stronger narrative.

"We must be more on the front foot in educating the public and being more transparent in our endeavours. At the same time, we probably need support to make our messaging clearer in the way it is presented to policymakers.

"We have to sit on more policy forums and be a trusted resource too – politicians need sound advice!"

You can read the full article in The Manufaturer here

We couldn't agree more and certainly feel that CeeD can be part of the solution here - through our members and our links to the manufacturing sector in Scotland, together with our peer-to-peer learning approach. Industry can definitley sit at the heart of the solution, working with policy makers. 

Read our blog by Joe Pacitti and get in touch to share your views (via LinkedIn or email j.pacitti@ceed-scotland.com) ...