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Manufacturing Automation UK

Manufacturing Automation UK
Over the years, there has been much debate with regard to automation and the impact it has on employment in the UK manufacturing industry. Much of this has been brought about by the promotion of Industry 4.0. In reality, it has been with us for years. Automation will take manufacturing jobs, but new types of jobs are evolving through automation, in just the same way that industries such as farming evolved to increase production through automation by using tractors, automated milking etc.

Is Manufacturing Automation New in the UK?
Robots and automation are not new, with the first being introduced in GM in the 1960’s, to streamline the production of cars. This was not just to make more vehicles faster, but to also ensure consistency and the quality was maintained. Since 1984, SP Automation & Robotics has been supplying automation solutions for manufacturing across the UK, to a myriad of clients and industries. The automated systems provided over the years have varied from medical device assembly and testing to packaging and food and drink, with all systems having one thing in common, making our clients process more cost-effective.

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