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KR Group has been shortlisted as a finalist for the VIBES Scottish Environment Business Awards 2022

Congratulations to CeeD member, KR Group, who have been shortlisted for the VIBES Scottish Environment Business Awards 2022.

This follows on from a series of awards the steel and cladding company has been a shorlisted for, including the 2022 CeeD Awards.

In 2021, KR Group first announced their pilot scheme initiative, KR Bon Reduction, and their plans to repurpose waste composite panels that would otherwise go to landfill. Thanks to partial funding from ERDF and Zero Waste Scotland, KR Group were able to plan for a new repurposing facility and equipment designed to strip the steel jackets from the panels and efficiently cut to size. 

The build of the new facility is set to commence later this year. In the meantime, their newly appointed Cladding Panel Separator is tasked with repurposing the panels manually. 
Once the steel jackets are stripped, rigid PIR Board remains, which is perfect for insulating most spaces in domestic, commercial, and industrial structures. This is sold in a variety of sizes via their new website krbon.co.uk
In an industrial city such as Aberdeen, the sheer amount of construction waste generated is something KR Group have long wanted to tackle. Aside from their primary environmental focus of cladding panels, they have also invested time into finding solutions for used safety netting and harnesses. 
Over the next 5 years, KR Group’s circular economic solution to cladding waste is set to divert more than 2,650 tonnes of cladding waste from landfill and prevent 7,700 tonnes of carbon emissions, equal to removing 4,460 cars from the road.
Ellen Delph, KR Group’s Project Manager, has been at the forefront of their sustainability developments. She explains:
“Following COP25, Businesses are realising the time to take sustainability seriously is now. Not only are moves like this essential for our planet, finding creative solutions and breaking away from bad habits can save you time and money. For us, launching KR Bon Reduction made a lot of business sense and naturally aligned with our growth.”
The VIBES Scottish Environment Business Awards are held each year to showcase organisations that have demonstrated significant business benefits from good environmental practice. It is a partnership between Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), The Scottish Government, Energy Saving Trust, Highland & Islands Enterprise, Scottish Enterprise, South of Scotland Enterprise, Scottish Water, Zero Waste Scotland, and NatureScot.

Best of luck to KR Group, as well as CeeD member University of Strathclyde who is also shortlisted for a Vibes award.