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Forward Thinking Issue 6

Forward Thinking Issue 6

Call for Contribution

Given that the nature of the CeeD model is based primarily on knowledge sharing, we figured the best way to plan out the content for our clinics, for the latter part of 2014, is to ask what you, the members, want from the sessions.  If, therefore, you have any particular content which you would like to share with our audience or feel is relevant to the CeeD community, please get in touch.

We are also looking for venues for those clinic meetings and would appreciate any help you can give us.  Clinics can attract anywhere between 20 and 50 attendees, so if you think your workplace would be suitable, again, please e-mail Victoria at v.soiuter@ceed-scotland.com or call on (01698) 203099 to discuss further.

Member Enquiries

At CeeD, we encourage sharing and we welcome all enquiries - no matter how big or how little.   Someone, somewhere in the CeeD community is bound to have the expertise to answer your question, so please do not hesitate to ask.

We have had a number of enquiries recently, asking for help from member organisations with the following:

OneCNC: An enquiry to find out if anyone has used the CAD OneCNC program? Particularly using OneCNC with emax as the core of the issue lies in saving drawings which can be recognised by emax

CREO2 / IFS: Does anyone in the CeeD community have knowledge or experience with CREO2 or IFS for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

Hyspec Engineering: Hyspec's HS&E Manager, Davie Murray has been in touch to ask for help with a timing study of one of the processes at their plant within the next week or two.  His contact details are as follows:  01560 483512 or dmurray@hyspecengineering.co.uk

Green Glass Recycling: We have recently come across a company who has a process need for green glass,  There are (apparently) very few recycling uses for green glass so if you are paying to have your green glass removed, there may be another use for it.

If you think you can help with any of the above enquiries, please get in touch with Kevin on (01698) 203420 or at k.horn@ceed-scotland.com


Forthcoming Clinics

While we have no clinics running through the month of July, our calendar for the latter part of 2014 is becoming increasingly busy with many clinics on a vast range of subject matters  Below are clinic dates for the month of August:

(MO = Members Only, OTA = Open To All)

  • MO: Wed 6th August - Growth500 (Intake 1, Session 7) Operational Excellence & Finance (10.00 - 16.00)

  • MO: Mon 11th August - Aerospace & Defence Topic TBA (10.00 - 12.00) 

  • MO: Wed 18th August - Growth500 (Intake 2, Session 3) Operational Excellence & Finance (10.00 - 16.00)

  • MO: Thu 14th August - Health & Safety Topic TBA (10.00 - 12.00)

  • MO: Tues 19th August - Lean Manufacturing Topic TBA (10.00 - 12.00)

  • MO: Wed 20th August - Marketing Topic TBA (10.00 - 12.00)

  • MO: Thu 21st August - Leadership with Ishbell Macphail, Dell (17.30 - 20.00)

New Members

CeeD continues to go from strength to strength, with an ever growing community of businesses and academics.  We would like to welcome the latest additions to the CeeD community.  We very much look forward to working with you.

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