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Flexible Working in Manufacturing - Case Study #2


CeeD and Flexibility Works were delighted to be commissioned by the Scottish Government to deliver a ‘tester’ project in order to begin to identify, capture and share examples of flexible working within the manufacturing sector, specifically in frontline (non-office) roles. 

This follows on from a number of collaborative activites we have run over the past year or so to explore the feasibility and examples of how and where flixible working practices have been tried and/or implemented in a range of manufacturing organisations.

Case Study #2 - ID Systems (IDS)

Based in Cumbernauld, IDS is an integrated mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, control, automation and telemetry (MEICAT) specialist business that provides design, project management, commissioning, repair and maintenance services to water infrastructure and other markets. The key focus for this case study was the company’s move to a 4 day (compressed Mon-Thurs) working week for all shopfloor workers in their factory. We also identified that some workers were being supported to move from full time to part time roles in the run up to their retirement.

In this video ID Systems, an electrical engineering company, outline how their proactive approach to flexible working and living hours has benefitted the company and their employees.

Watch the full video here.