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First Steps Toward Zero Emissions Fleet​ for ​Alexander Dennis

Earlier this month CeeD member, Alexander Dennis Ltd, moved closer to achieving their commitment to a zero emissions fleet.

The electric bus producer announced jointly with BYD Europe that they have supplied the first 29 BYD ADL Enviro400EV double deckers to Natonal Express Midlands, which will be charged entirely by renewable energy and utilise a stationary battery system to balance the load on the electricity grid.

Tom Stables, Managing Director of National Express UK, said: “At National Express, zero-emission is not the future – it’s the here-and-now. Our bus fleet will be zero emission by 2030, and we’re very proud to bring fully electric buses to the people of the West Midlands. I’d like to thank all the drivers, trainers, engineers and managers who have worked so hard behind the scenes to make this happen.”

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