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Fife firm working flat out to supply 10 million+ temperature measuring chips for coronavirus effort

A Fife firm has revealed it is working to supply more than 10 million temperature measuring chips, along with other technical supplies, to help in the global fight against coronavirus.

The Courier revealed last month how Semefab in Glenrothes received enquiries from four customers in China for 2.5 million non-contact thermostat measuring chips in the space of just 10 days in the early days of the pandemic.

Demand has continued along similar lines, and Allan James, managing director of Semefab Limited, said the company’s work should give people comfort there is so much going on, largely unseen, to tackle the disease.

Encouraging other organisations to similarly share insights into what they are contributing, Mr James said: “In the global effort against the COVID-19 pandemic we’re ready to supply any company in the United Kingdom and indeed around the world, that is manufacturing vital equipment or devices.

“We’re currently working to supply in excess of 10 million non-contact temperature measuring chips in addition to ultra-low pressure sensors for respirators and anaesthesia kits, photo detectors for X-ray and haemoglobin monitoring and precision analogue IC’s for MRI/CT scanners and other medical instrumentation.

“This has to be a global team effort by all of us in all countries. We can all contribute to that effort – each as we are able.

“All of us at Semefab are proud to be part of that global team effort to save lives …we’ve moved to 24/7 working to meet the demand.”

Peter Grant, local SNP MP for Glenrothes and Central Fife, welcomed their hard work.

He said: “Semefab is one of a number of local businesses whose workers deserve recognition for the world-leading quality of their products.

“It’s amazing to think that when we see news coverage of coronavirus testing either from the UK or from far flung corners of the globe, there’s a good chance that the equipment being used relies on precision components made right here in Glenrothes.”


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