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Fabulous visit and tour of VOLVO ROKBAK

We ran another excellent session at Volvo Rokbak's Motherwell site on 28th April 2024, wonderfully hosted by Jacqueline Reid, Paul Tierney and Erin Hannah.

A capacity attendance from the CeeD network came along to to hear from the Volvo Rokbak team on their recent award-winning (CeeD Awards 2024) Marketing Programme, which focused on recruitment, followed by the usual fascinating tour of their site.

Nikki Slowey from Flexibility Works then delivered a deeper dive into the latest Flexible working trends.  

Contributing to the discussion was MD at Jerba Campervans, Simon Poole, who gave a great insight into how their employee-owned business addresses flexibility and the wider theme of employee engagement

Why Flexible Working works 

With a staggering 82% of workers in Scotland currently embracing or desiring flexible work arrangements, it's evident that traditional ways of working are changing. This paradigm shift is particularly crucial for those in the early stages of business as embracing flexible working is not just a trend; it's a game-changer. Despite the unique challenges in manufacturing and engineering, achieving flexibility is not only possible but also a key factor in attracting and retaining skilled professionals.

Beyond being a considerate employer, supporting your team in achieving a healthy work-life balance pays off in more ways than one. Research shows that employees with flexible working arrangements are not only more engaged at work but also exhibit greater commitment to the success of your business.
Moreover, when it comes to recruitment, showcasing your dedication to work-life balance sets you apart from competitors. In a competitive market, being able to demonstrate your commitment to supporting your team's well-being can make all the difference in attracting exceptional talent to your company.