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£10m Funding Competition to support distilleries to go green

As part of the Government’s commitment to Net Zero by 2050, a number of energy innovation programmes are being run by BEIS, the UK Energy Strategy & Policy department, with several projects already underway across a range of sectors.
The Funding competition for Green Distilleries has a focus on fuel switching and enabling technologies to truly assist de-carbonisation. Up to £10M funding is available to support distilleries going green up to 2023. The technology must be applicable to the distillation sector, including from maltings through to maturation.
The objective of the Green Distilleries Competition is to identify, support and then develop credible fuel switching technologies/enabling technologies that can bring about a step-change in their development.
The competition is being run in two phases – Phase 1 is the Feasibility Study to prepare for deployment, with £500k of funding available. This is split into two lots and will run for three months:
  • Lot 1 (£300k): will focus on fuel switching (from fossil fuels) of the process and onsite power production
  • Lot 2 (£200k): will focus on innovation around fuel switching enabling technologies such as fuel conversion, transport and storage.
Applicants must be led by a UK business (which can have subcontractors) and consist of SMEs, large companies, academics, RTOs, public sector and third sector organisations. £75K is available per project, which are required to commence on 7th Dec 2020 and complete on 15th March 2021.
The types of technologies that would be in scope for Lot 1 include:
  • Electrification of the distillery process 
  • Biomass and waste
  • Hydrogen gas  
Phase 2 is a Demonstration Study and will only be open to successful applicants for Phase 1. The types of technologies that would be in scope for Lot 2 include:
  • Transportation and Storage on site
  • Fuel Conversion technologies e.g. biomethane into hydrogen or power
Technologies that are out of scope for this round of funding are:
  • CCUS
  • Energy efficiency
  • Feedstock switching - changing the ingredients in the whisky recipe to make the process more energy efficient.
Key dates:
  • Registration deadline: 2 October 2020
  • Application submission deadline: 12 October 2020
To find out more about the Competition, join our Briefing Workshop on 24 September which we are hosting in partnership with KTN.

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