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W2 Training Ltd

W2 create leadership and team learning experiences that build capability and deliver results in improving business and people’s performance. Our purpose is to make a measureable difference with the people and organisations we work with. Our team have been privileged to work with amazing people and companies in our 23 years of business. We partner with ambitious international organisations across a range of sectors including; oil and gas, construction, facilities, food and drink and rail, all of which need to accelerate and sustain change. We believe in big bold ideas and lots of creativity. We design "concierge" learning programmes using innovative and experiential methods, accelerated learning philosophies and techniques. They are fun and have impact.

Our specialist areas include:

Developing leadership at all levels of an organisation. Leadership is about influencing the behaviour of people. It encompasses the skills and qualities needed to inspire others to achieve goals. Developing people's beliefs and capabilities to be leaders will energise change and improvement.

Culture Acceleration - Culture is the collection of values, beliefs, customs and behaviours that are shared by an organisation’s members and learned by new recruits. Quite simply put, it is: "The way we do things around here" We help accelerate the development of the desired culture in teams, projects and organisations.

Trainers Academy - W2 won a National training award in recognition of our innovative approach and the results our training has delivered for our clients. Many of our clients have gone on to win awards in recognition of the improvements made to their business through our collaboration.

This enables our clients to drive sustainable change and be independent and we leave our legacy - A Footprint.