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Thales UK Limited

For over 40 years, Thales UK has played a major part in the Thales Group’s global vision to make people, property and information safer and more secure.

We research, develop, manufacture and supply technology and services to the UK’s Aerospace, Defence, Security and Transportation sectors, and in doing so, play a critical role in safeguarding people and organisations in the UK and across the globe.

Behind the scenes, we support countless transactions, journeys, missions and communications, around the clock. For example, we’re responsible for billions of secure BACS transactions every year; provide signalling and ticketing systems for many of the UK’s railways; and supply equipment, technology and communication systems for a wide range of civil and military aircrafts, ships and land vehicles. We also protect an increasing number of organisations from the ever-growing threat of cyber attack.


Our wide-ranging capabilities adapt continuously to meet customers’ needs, and the contexts in which their needs arise. This is why we’re becoming a more service-oriented business, concerned with long-term partnerships across the markets we serve.

We approach every challenge in a thoughtful and considered way. To support UK Defence, for example, we apply in-depth knowledge, and a measured balance of global perspectives and UK insights. This strategy fits increasing globalisation across all our markets and helps key decision makers take informed steps towards solving complex problems, every day.


Not only do we adapt to the fast pace of technological development, but we also play a part in shaping technology. This means we can match, and even steer, the pace of globalisation, and the steady convergence of military and civil technologies.

Across the markets we serve in the UK and globally, we establish close relationships with the people and organisations that trust and depend on us. This gives us a deeper, more detailed understanding of their specific circumstances, processes, responsibilities and requirements.

We also invest heavily in research and development so that we can identify and address market needs before they arise, and get to the heart of potential problems before they manifest themselves. That way, the solutions we provide become more service-oriented for a globalised market.

Our operations reflect Thales Group's international business interests, with five main business units in the UK:

• Avionics – including commercial and military avionics, in-flight entertainment, electrical systems, training and simulation, and microwave and imaging subsystems.

• Defence Mission Systems – including electronic combat systems, airborne mission systems, and under and above water systems.

• Ground Transportation Systems – including revenue collection systems, integrated communication and supervision systems, and rail signaling for main lines and urban rail.

• Land and Air Systems – including air traffic management, surface radar and military air operations, as well as advanced weapon systems, missile electronics, optronics, armaments and protected vehicles.

• Secure Information and Communication Systems – including radio communication products, IT security, network and infrastructure systems, protection systems and critical information systems.