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Net Zero Nation Ltd

Net Zero Nation is a rapid impact Scottish based social enterprise and the creator of the Net Zero Accelerator program. Created to help the country go further and faster towards a low carbon future and making the business community stronger and more resilient as a result. There are currently 8 Net Zero Accelerator programs running in 2023 with more planned before the end of the year. The Accelerator cohorts are fast becoming an ecosystem of like minded companies with credible Net Zero strategies that establish them as thought leaders. This has made them more competitive, their brand more prominent, they are winning more contracts, they are more investable and are attracting the future workforce to join them.

We provide help and support to SMEs who don’t have any inhouse expertise or resource to implement credible carbon reduction strategies, certified monthly carbon accounts to UK Govt SECR and PPN 06/21 reporting standards and a carbon reduction plan. We are commissioned by Supply chain Leaders, Government, Enterprise Agencies, and Local Authorities to run Net Zero Mass Mobilisation Programs that give companies and Supply chains the help they need to become better informed with a defensible Net Zero and communication strategy to make their brand stand out accomplished by taking part in a 12 month Net Zero Transition Program. In helping other companies in their cohort, being a thought leader and advocate for embracing Net Zero as an opportunity, they inspire other companies to start their Net Zero journey, signalling they have made a maximum commitment to Net Zero and creating Social Value through their help for others.