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McDonald Water Storage

McDonald Water Storage is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of hot water storage systems with an unrivalled reputation for quality and service. As a privately owned, independent manufacturer of hot water cylinders and tanks since 1945, we are committed to delivering a flexible service which is designed to meet the needs of the current economic climate.
This is reflected in our extensive product range and our ability to customise any cylinder to suit any installation requirement, whether it’s a one-off bespoke cylinder or a large contract which would benefit from custom sizes or connections for ease of installation.
Part of our range includes:-
• Heat Pump ready cylinders
• Thermal Storage solutions
• Electric Boilers
• Commercial Plate Heat & Buffers
• Elson Rectangular Replacements
• Wide Range and Variety of Vented and Unvented cylinders
Our experience in designing and developing hot water cylinders for renewable energy sources is second to none and our expertise is regularly called upon by architects, engineers, specifiers and installers to ensure the most effective and efficient cylinder is delivered.
We manufacture cylinders and tanks on site for both domestic and commercial applications, with sizes up to 10000 litres.
Whilst our main material of choice remains as Copper, thanks to its superior heat transfer, environmental benefits and antimicrobial properties, we also offer our range of stainless steel unvented cylinders for those projects which are working to tight budgets.