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Mask Logic

Mask Logic solves problems of poor fit, comfort, and compliance with respiratory protection for manufacturing companies and their workers. Disrupting outdated standards, we develop personally sized respirators with bespoke components, based on our proprietary face-measuring and sizing software. We want every worker to be able to breathe safely and comfortably, no matter which age, gender, ethnic background, or perhaps a recent weight change.

We are an Edinburgh-based start-up company planning to offer our first product in an early trial in Q1-2024 and are seeking industry partners with a keen interest in providing their current and future employees with a new innovative solution in PPE that will be better fitting and more comfortable than their off-the-shelf solution. We envision the scope of our first trial to involve 10—100 mask users and up to 1,000 software users, adapting to your organization’s needs and capacity. We would welcome a conversation to speak with you about how we can achieve Good Mask Fit for your employees too.