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Marine Biopolymers Ltd

Marine Biopolymers (MBL) is a Scottish biotechnology SME based near Ayr, on the Southwest coast of Scotland, and was formed in 2009 with the aim of becoming a leader in sustainable multi-component extraction of natural polymers from indigenous brown seaweeds.

Our team of 6 has over 70 years’ experience in working with seaweed and is highly experienced in process development, product characterisation and valorisation of algal products, having developed multiple new applications for products such as alginate and seaweed cellulose.

MBL’s focus is on extracting high value components from brown seaweeds for use in a range of applications, primarily “human” ones such as food and pharmaceuticals, but also in a variety of industrial applications. MBL’s zero waste, and patented biorefinery delivers Alginate as a primary product which is typically the largest single component in brown seaweeds, and a well-established, versatile and safe natural polymer. Further co-products in development include fucoidans, mannitol and nanocellulose.