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MacIntyre Chocolate Systems

MacIntyre Chocolate Systems Ltd was formerly known as Low & Duff (Developments) Limited or Ladco – originally restructured in 1974, with origins dating back to 1832.

In 2013, the Probat Group acquired the Ladco Group of companies & subsequently the name of the company was changed to MacIntyre Chocolate Systems Ltd.

MacIntyre Chocolate Systems are the originator of the world renowned MacIntyre Refiner/Conche, used for the manufacture of fat based masses such as chocolate, cremes, spreads, nut/seed paste and also the reworking of scrap fat based food products back into liquid mass. MacIntyre have been supplying this equipment for decades to all corners of the globe - from small machines for start-up companies through to providing essential larger scale equipment to leading multinationals in the industry. Their market leading Refiner/Conche has kept its robust internal construction which has been relied upon by users since the first machine was built in 1926. Today’s machine is complemented by onboard electronics to offer an Industry 4.0 compatible unit. Design enhancements have also resulted in reduced energy consumption, shorter cycle times, minimal maintenance and hygienic construction.

MacIntyre’s high quality precision manufacture is imperative in the construction of the Refiner/Conche and is a resource available to engineering companies near and far as MacIntyre can support by offering a wide range of engineering services and producing bespoke projects that are a “cut above”.

The plant includes a Richards Vertical Turning Lathe used to machine cylinders for their largest 5000Kg Duplex Refiner/Conches but has the capability of handling diameters of up to 3.5 metres. In addition, their Asquith machining centre, table size of 2 metres x 4 metres, provides a wide scope for many projects. The plant’s Mazak A16 also offers versatility in turning and drilling a variety of components.

Their recently acquired Hwacheon Hi-Tech 850LYMC is a turning and milling machine, capable of handling 6 metre long rounds, up to 850mm diameter. The Matsuura MX850 5 Axis provides the possibility to run high volumes of small complex components and additionally has the flexibility to produce larger and even more complex parts. The “lights out” manufacturing enabled by the Matsuura MX850 5 Axis enables MacIntyre to offer favourable lead times.

Completing MacIntyre’s manufacturing capabilities is a team of highly skilled welders with full fabricating and rolling facilities up to 2 metres wide, 30mm thick, while the final mechanical / electrical assembly shop gives the team the capability of offering complete turnkey projects through to electrical controls.

Optimal production is paramount to MacIntyre Chocolate Systems, whether it be in determining the best process methods for manufacturing in the Refiner/Conche or utilising the company’s production skills to deliver high precision components to the wider engineering sector.