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J-RAO The Conscious Cosmetic Collective

J-RAO is a conscious cosmetic collective that was founded in 2017 in the City of Discovery, and UNESCO'S first (and still only) UK City of Design, Dundee Scotland. The idea behind J-RAO is simple: We believe that conscious consumerism is no longer a trend, it’s an urgency - we also believe that the cosmetic market provides a really exciting space to tackle many challenges faced by both the b2b and b2c consumer industry by manufacturing premium luxury products with ethical values. We pioneer products that are environmentally conscious, gender inclusive and embrace circular economy through design.

Our products are carefully created to ensure that there is minimal impact on the environment. We have worked closely with an organic certification body to ensure that our ingredients, manufacturing and distribution practices are at the highest environmental standards possible. We use organic, natural and vegan ingredients exclusively, and are paraben, sulfate, micro-pollutants and perfume free.

Our products are made with a focus on refillability encouraging reuse. We offer a refill option for all of our products using packaging which can also be easily recycled. We are a Circular Tayside Business Ambassador Program which supports the movement towards a more circular economy. To find out more about J-RAO please click below: