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Future Factory

Future Factory was founded in 1996 by Derek Peacock. Its mission is to change the face of learning through the creation of unique and impactful experiential learning tools focused on Employee Engagement and Digital Leadership. Future Factory have been supplying its products via its e commerce website for over 24 years. Since formation, we have built a loyal customer base of over 15,000 users globally, including Google, Tesla, Warner Brothers, Disney, Burberry, RAF, Deloitte and AC Nielsen.

The complete experiential learning catalogue is underpinned by an equally unique database of over 60,000 global leaders and their engagement behaviour pattern. Based on this study we started 26 years ago, we have developed a model of outstanding leadership and its impact on business performance. It has clearly revealed, what differentiates average from outstanding, leader behaviour. We know the 5 specific behaviours displayed by the outstanding category. We have also proven what these leadership behaviours create in terms of operational climate and the impact that has on bottom line.

Together, Business Process Mirrors and our Blue4 performance diagnostic, provide you with an unrivalled Business Improvement digital leadership suite for whatever the economy throws at us, post lockdown and beyond. To:

1) Simulate leader behaviour through our on-line “edutainment"
2) Test your leadership model and behaviour pattern when compared to 60,000 global leaders, benchmarking your scores against the top 10% and their impact on Predictable, Repeatable and sustainable business performance
3) Enable you to work through our digital leadership blueprints to deliver your 100 day business performance improvement.
4) Provide you with on-line support resources to help you implement your targeted business improvement.