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Equi's Ice Cream

Equi's story starts in 1914, with their great grandfather Pietro Equi. Aged just 15, he came to Scotland to seek his fortune and found his calling selling the incredible gelato he missed from back home.

Four generations later, our ice cream still begins with Pietro’s original ideas. But today we also add a few speciality ingredients, carefully chosen from around the world, to create the exquisitely scrumptious treats we’ve become famous for.

Our exquisitely scrumptious ice cream starts with fresh milk and cream from Scottish farms and ends with some of the best flavours in the world. Fudge from a Cornish farmhouse? Check. Pistachios from Sicily? Check. Irn Bru from just up the road? Check!

Which will you choose?

Our ice cream won its first award in 1935 and has since earned the seal of approval from some of the world’s most discerning taste buds. But don’t just take their word for it — grab a scoop of our award-winning ice cream for yourself!