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Celtic Renewables

Celtic Renewables was born out of the recognition that we can, and must, innovate in a sustainable way. Our patented process takes low value by-products, residues, and waste from a wide range of industries, such as food and drinks production, and converts them into high value green chemicals – bioacetone, biobutanol and bioethanol.

Our green chemicals generate up to 70% less carbon emissions* than their fossil-based counterparts and have high-value applications in multiple industries such as cosmetics, home and healthcare.  They directly displace chemicals made from gas and oil in the manufacturing process and lower the carbon footprint of everyday products like skin creams, nail varnish, household cleaning products, paints, medicines and vitamins.

At Celtic Renewables, we’re leading the green chemical revolution - helping to drive the transition to a Net Zero, Nature Positive World through defossilisation. A world where sustainable, biologically derived green chemicals, produced in harmony with planet earth replace our dependence on fossil fuel equivalents.

*Weighted average by production volumes – carbon savings per individual product are Butanol 69%, Acetone 74%, Ethanol 63%.