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Ailsa Reliability Solutions Ltd

Ailsa Reliability Solutions are a fully independent Scottish business who help clients save money by eliminating unplanned downtime and reducing wasted energy within their processes and applications. We do this by using innovative thinking and cutting-edge technology to monitor, manage and mitigate risk of failure in critical electrical and mechanical assets for examples: motors, generators, pumps, fans, switchgear, and transformers.

The sectors we currently support are Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Energy from Waste, Manufacturing and Renewables. We focus on these sectors as they have an industrial process that relies on electrical and mechanical equipment to generate revenue.

The business is split into three sectors:
• Site services: Providing on-site support to carry out condition monitoring and reliability surveys on customers sites
• Solution Sales: As we are fully independent, we advise clients on the best commercial and technical online monitoring solutions to help eliminate unplanned failures in their electrical and mechanical plant
• Remote Support: for clients who have implemented a continuous monitoring solution we offer remote support where the Ailsa Engineering team will remotely monitor the equipment from our offices and advise the clients in advance if there is any change in state and catch any problems before the become an issue.

The Ailsa business has a clear focus on people, plant and profit and working towards the UN Sustainability goals in everything we do. Our people are our biggest asset and our values have been SCRIPTED and embedded in everything we do.
• S (Safety): Always number one priority
• C (Consultative): Our role is to provide our customers with a consultative approach in everything we do
• R (Responsible): We are all responsible for the health and wellbeing of ourselves, our colleagues, and our partners
• I (Innovation): Everyone in the business is empowered to look for new ideas to better both ourselves and the solutions we can provide our clients
• P (Partnerships): Partnerships are the key to success both internal and external
• T (Transparency): Having transparency is the only way that a relationship can be sustained both internal and external
• E (Environmental): Always looking for innovative ways to reduce carbon usage and protect the environment
• D (Dedication): We will, at all times, show dedication in following these values and supporting our customers