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Abergower is a dynamic and entrepreneurial small company with a strong track record in digitization services spanning two decades. With a commitment to innovation and adaptability, we have consistently evolved our offerings to meet emerging market needs. Our journey during the COVID-19 pandemic exemplifies our ability to pivot and excel in challenging circumstances.

COVID-19 Response:
During the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognized the need for critical medical supplies and ventured into the development of Europe's first CE approved COVID-19 PCR test swab. In collaboration with The Medical Device Manufacturing Centre of Heriot Watt University and Scottish Enterprise, we successfully created a groundbreaking solution that garnered recognition with the prestigious Scottish Knowledge Management Innovation Award.

Digital Dental Innovation:
Building on our innovative spirit, we expanded into the digital dental sector. Our dedication culminated in the launch of a revolutionary service that allows us to deliver permanent dental crowns to dentists within an astonishing one-hour turnaround time from receiving an intraoral scan of the patient's mouth. This breakthrough demonstrates our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and service delivery.

Additive Manufacturing Expertise:
Our expertise in additive manufacturing extends beyond the healthcare industry. We have a growing portfolio of clients in the medical device manufacturing sector, and we've also ventured into providing one-of-a-kind prototypes and small bespoke production runs for companies in the Oil and Gas and civil engineering sectors. Our ability to cater to diverse industries showcases our adaptability and commitment to excellence.

Future Ambitions:
At Abergower, our ambition is to become a market leader in the UK's specialized manufacturing sector. We envision continued growth and development in additive manufacturing, forging valuable partnerships, and delivering innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our partnership with CEED represents a strategic step towards identifying key clients and collaborators to expand our market presence, enhance our skills, and elevate our services.
We are poised to lead the way in innovation and excellence, leveraging our entrepreneurial spirit and extensive experience to make a lasting impact in our chosen sectors.