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Have you ever wondered why some companies grow more quickly than others...

...and why the failure rate of start up businesses is so high?"

So did we.

As it turns out, there are many different ways in which SMEs have made the transition from survival, through stability to higher growth.

  • so how did they do it?
  • and just what are the key drivers of SME business growth?

We’ve packaged that knowledge up and are ready to share it with you and your business.

Fast Facts

  • A coherent and relevant business growth programme for SMEs
  • Targeted towards owner / managers and key personnel
  • Ideal for fast tracking and developing employees to more senior roles
  • Optional business mentoring to support your growth plans and journey
  • 8 days over 9 months
  • Practical knowledge backed by relevant theory
  • Available and costless to every employee of every CeeD member
  • Twice yearly intakes in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow & Inverness
  • All other CeeD activities available to participants
  • Creating Synergy
  • Breaking New Ground
  • A Complete Package

Working with UWS Business School, we’ve identified the key drivers of growth and the ways in which SMEs all over the world have successfully achieved higher than average growth rates.

Divided into 8 topic areas, we’ll explore the core issues encountered during the survival, stability and growth phases (red, amber, green on the adjacent target) the premise being that companies must build growth from a solid base of knowledge, infrastructure, management and planning. Without these building blocks in place, rapid growth can destroy a business, or its reputation at the very least.

Launching in January 2014, CeeD’s new Growth500 programme is the first of its kind in Scotland. We’ve pulled together leading experts from industry, academia and the business support sector to take 500 ambitious Scottish businesses on their own growth journey. With its SME sector focus, the programme’s content and delivery is taken from a practical, rather than theoretical perspective - the ‘how’ rather than the ‘why’.

One day a month over 12 months, you’ll come to better understand how to structure and align your business to the customers and markets it serves, as well as taking the timely actions necessary to benefit from higher growth. You’ll have the option of a business mentor to help you navigate the way there and the support of like minded owner managers to cast fresh eyes on your business - as you will theirs - creating a valuable peer-to-peer network of entrepreneurs. You’ll also benefit from course materials and clear signposting along the way to further help. No more running around trying to find further assistance. It’s all here.


I found the course highly engaging and can honestly say that every session gave me something to think about...The value of this course was immeasurable and helped me start to think about the business behind the college. I have been encouraged by this experience to further my business studies and am currently looking into this. I would thoroughly recommend this experience to any member of staff with an interest in the behind the scenes aspects of how a business is both run and made a success.

Patrick McGroarty, Quality Enhancement Lecturer, West College Scotland

I have enjoyed my Growth500 experience…due to the relaxed and friendly learning environment with CeeD. It’s also good to meet the other companies people, learning from each other’s experience and see how it gets done elsewhere.

Logan Collins - Operations Director, Wallace McDowall Ltd

…a fantastic opportunity to learn…I would definitely recommend this programme to others.

Andrew Morrow - HR Manager, Haemonetics (UK) Ltd

(It’s) been extremely beneficial for my overall business development...I have personally gained most from the leadership and operational excellence sessions and I have already started to put that…into practice within my day to day roles.

Greig Millar - Air Traffic Controller/Change Manager, National Air Traffic Services

I really enjoyed the CeeD Growth500 course. It encouraged me to look at my job in a different way…and I would have no hesitation in recommending the CeeD course to anyone regardless of their career background.

Billy Henderson - Addiction Manager, Priory Group

I…enjoyed hearing the success stories and opinions of professionals across a wide variety of industries. Great to meet different people within the class also and certainly gives you ideas to bring back to the office.

Michelle Seymour - Manager/PA to Directors, Almond Engineering

My favourites were digital marketing (very rewarding and an eye opener), sales training and operational excellence.

Mark Stephens - Manager - Essential Business Solutions, Portakabin Scotland

I have thoroughly enjoyed Growth500 and have already recommended it to others in my company and beyond. I will miss the monthly sessions as the format generates a good rapport between the participants.

Barry Fisher - Business Development Executive, Chemring Energetics UK

I have learned a lot over the last year of CeeD…the sessions have been…a big boost in my breadth of business knowledge! I would fully endorse Growth500 and would encourage others to attend…the same feedback I have given to our organisation.

Grant Montgomery - Strategic Procurement, Scotland Excel

(It) helps focus your energy on the bigger picture… when running the business and trying to achieve results.

Andy McMillan - Operations Manager, Lemac

The Growth500 sessions are a real eye opener… it’s been a very positive experience which has motivated me to look at aspects of my job & challenge myself to see if we can make it better.

Duncan Kerr - Project Engineer, Hydroklear Services

…an eye opener on subjects which are new to me.

The most stimulating part…is the interaction between managers from many companies and how we manage similar problems.

Jim Wilkinson - Director, Hydroklear Services

Plugging in

Growth500 won’t be for everyone – that’s understood. Many SME owners are content with what they’ve built thus far. If however, that’s not you and you have the continuing ambition, drive and commitment to grow your company, then the programme will meet your - and your company’s - needs.

So, how to get involved? Growth500 sits alongside our existing Clinic programme to which all participants will have full access. As such, companies which meet CeeD’s normal membership criteria will be eligible to join Growth500. Typically, those are companies drawn from the manufacturing, engineering, science and technology sectors however companies from outside of those sectors will also be considered on business merit and / or the recommendation of CeeD’s partner organisations.

So what is CeeD?

We’re a not for profit fusion of industry and academia, the member companies of which are dedicated to the free sharing of knowledge, information and know how to improve the operational performance of our companies. We work together several times a year on topics such as Project Management, Health and Safety, Procurement, Quality, Environment, Leadership, Training, Lean Manufacturing, Process Excellence, Marketing, Performance Management - and now Growth.

Maximising value

CeeD member companies contribute £1300 per annum towards operating costs and all Clinics (including Growth500) are open to all employees of member companies. That’s every one of your staff able to attend any or all occurrences of the 12 Clinics plus Growth500 for less than the average household energy bill. It really is astonishing value and one of the easiest business decisions you’ll make all year.

On the journey, we’ll explore topics like Marketing and Sales, Leadership, Strategic Planning, People, Social Media, Innovation, Finance, Operational Excellence, Customer Experience, Value Proposition Design and Business Model Generation, demonstrating the essential ‘need to know’ for survival, the ‘know to grow’ for stability and the ‘grow to glow’ for success.

See the company you’ll be keeping at http://ceed-scotland.com/member-organisations, contact us on 01698 203 420 or register your interest