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170503 Growth500.G2016.2.6 | Leadership and B2B Social Media

 Registration is closed for this event
Morning: Leadership | Afternoon: B2B Social Media
May 3rd, 2017 10:00 AM   through   4:00 PM
BAE Regional Aircraft
Prestwick International Airport
Prestwick, SAY KA9 2RW
United Kingdom
Phone: 01292 675000

Morning: Social Media for Business

There can be little argument that technology has shrunk the size of the world and it's now possible to sell into markets you'd previously never considered on a cost base you'd never have believed even 10 years ago. The flipside of that is our own market share is more easily eroded by foreign competitors. Welcome to the world of digital marketing! If you're not in this space then like it or not, the world is leaving you behind - because your customers and competitors most probably are. We'll talk about the implementation and management of social media, looking at the various platforms / channels that might fit your own business aspirations and a whole lot more besides. This is a huge fun, high energy, 'hold on to your hats' session, peppered with lots of live, direct from the net examples of how and how not to use social media to grow your business. Appropriate health warnings will be given along the way!

Afternoon: Leadership

This session is about putting a practical spin on management/leadership i.e. how to put theory into practice.
The theory is great until you inject the great unknown - people - into the equation and sometimes real life just doesn’t work out like the books suggest it should.

  • We introduce the concept of a management system and what the key elements are therein.
  • We look at the validity of goal setting – should we bother? How do we set goals that everyone in the company can relate to / engage with?
  • A tool to use - “The Big 3”
  • How do we set the culture and keep it real?
  • Employee life cycle solutions and cost of non-engaged people in an organisation.
  • How can we engage employees?
  • How well do you know your people - and yourself? Introduction to DISC
  • Measurement structure - what should you measure and what difference does it make?

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