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201103 Electromagnetic field awareness for EHS and Engineers.

November 3rd, 2020 10:00 AM   through   11:00 AM
United Kingdom
Phone: 07710095986
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Do you have any of the following on site?

  • Welding equipment.
  • Induction heating.
  • Non-destructive testing – magnetic particle inspection (MPI), magnetiser/ demagnetiser.
  • Any electrical circuit carrying >100A.
  • Microwave heating and drying.
  • Plasma devices.
  • Furnaces, arc and induction melting.
  • MRI equipment.

Are you aware of the Control of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) at Work Regulations 2016 (CEMFAW Regulations)?

Have you undertaken an EMF risk assessment to ensure prescribed exposure limits are not exceeded?

This webinar will be delivered by Keighley Ziolkowski, Process Safety Engineer experienced in technical safety and risk management.

Since the CEMFAW regulations came into effect in 2016, Keighley has carried out EMF measurement surveys and risk assessment for a wide range of industries from metal fabrication to aerospace. Keighley delivers EMF awareness for operators, EHS personnel and engineers responsible for selecting and maintaining equipment.

This webinar will include the following topics:

  • Introduction to EMF and the CEMFAW Regulations.
  • Equipment types which may present EMF hazard.
  • Additional considerations for those at particular risk such as Pregnant Workers and those with medical devices such as pacemakers.

How EMF should be considered within equipment selection and procurement.