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Semefab Ltd

Semefab have an impressive track record of process development, process set-up and volume foundry supporting silicon-based MEMS, CMOS, ASIC, Bipolar-Linear & Discrete semiconductor device technologies.
Founded in 1986, Fab1 produces a diverse process portfolio of 4" CMOS, ASIC, Bipolar-Linear & Discrete semiconductor technologies. Fab1 fabricates precision analog integrated circuits, JFET transistors, Bipolar transistors, Photo Diodes, Mixed Signal ASICs and supports the 'front-end processing' for many different MEMS technologies.
In 2009 Semefab invested £15.2M, creating Fab2, for processing of 6" and 4" MEMS technologies and Fab3 for 6" CMOS/Bipolar technologies. Fab3 became operational in 2011.
All 3 Fabs have completely autonomous services and facilities.
Separating the three Fab's ensures the integrity of Fab3 for producing ultra low leakage junctions, high carrier lifetimes and high reliability MOS transistors. Semefab observes strictly one-way traffic from Fabs 1/3 to Fab2 and can therefore produce MEMS devices with ultra clean junctions and transistors by starting their lives in Fabs 1/3 and completing their processing in Fab2 which features heavy metal processing eg: gold and alkali ionic solutions eg: KOH. This ability to segregate processes ensures that Semefab is able to routinely produce MEMS devices with ultra clean semiconductor characteristics where necessary