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NEL is the UK’s leading provider of independent consultancy, on-site measurement, testing and calibration, research and development and training services to the global oil & gas sector.


Why choose NEL?

NEL has an impressive track record, built on three decades of service to the oil & gas industry. Our exceptional team of technology specialists understand the challenges faced by the industry and work closely with clients to increase their operational efficiency and to reduce capital expenditure by tailoring services to meet their needs.


The work we do here at NEL has a direct impact on world wide oil & gas production estimated at US$ 10 billion a day. We provide services in key areas including:

Flow Measurement Support – meter selection, system audit, uncertainty studies, interpretation of standards
Development and Calibration – single phase, wet gas and multiphase systems, valves and subsea equipment
Erosion – assessment and validation
Environmental – produced water, oil-in-water, emissions and Carbon Capture & Storage
CFD Modelling – flow assurance, measurement and uncertainty, erosion modelling