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Topolytics is a data analytics business that is making the world’s waste Visible, Verifiable and Valuable

Topolytics uses geography to organise, visualise and analyse environmental data from sensors, meters and spreadsheets. We turn it into useful information and intelligence for management teams, customers and investors. Topolytics is a specialist in environmental data, chiefly related to waste, recycling, emissions, effluent and resource use. We operate at the intersection of geo-spatial technologies and big data analytics, applying this to environmental risk and performance for companies and other organisations.

Our platform WasteMap helps waste producers, the waste and recycling industry, investors and regulators to gain key insights into material types, amounts, concentrations, fates and their movements through the waste system.

By ingesting, aggregating and analysing data at scale, the resulting live insights generate commercial and environmental value for all players in the waste materials and by-products supply chain.