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Sanmina - S C I UK Ltd

Sanmina-SCI Cable Division develops and manufactures cable assembly & interconnect solutions for virtually all market sectors. We provide customers with a wide range of cost-effective, high-performance interconnect solutions, cables assemblies, wire harnesses, backplanes and electro-mechanical assemblies.

The Sanmina-SCI Port Glasgow facility specialises in electro-mechanical assembly, design & manufacture of cable assemblies, cable harness, wiring looms and rigid/flex circuit assemblies. From the early stages of product development, the Port Glasgow facility provides experienced design support to ensure cable assemblies are both compliant with customer specifications and economical to produce.

Sanmina-SCI makes some of the most complex and valuable electronic and mechanical products in the world. Sanmina-SCI not only focuses on engineering and fabricating complex components, but also on providing complete end-to-end supply chain solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). With a global footprint to efficiently compete in today's marketplace, Sanmina-SCI is a premier technology and most advanced global supply chain solution partner to accomplish your vision.