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Prickly Thistle Scotland Ltd

Prickly Thistle Scotland Ltd are design and textile disruptors. Our core mission is to produce the most sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly textiles and products for Scotland.

Having established the first textiles mill in the Highland region for decades in 2018, we pride ourselves on our ability to challenge for change. Choosing highly skilled practices, we have saved 20th century engineering works of art to weave all of our cloth. Creating a culture for our team that is true to the craft and not driven by mass manufacturing and fast fashion pitfalls. At our mill we have an in-house design studio, working on textile design and product design. We also have a product studio where we make all of our own finished products on site, fashion, apparel, interiors and art, we rise to all challenges.

We export globally, collaborate with other businesses, work with private clients on a commission basis and have our own exclusive collections available online.

We are changing the future by disrupting the past.